November 7, 2013


In the Beginning... Hailing from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines but born into the rough neighbourhoods of Montreal, Quebec, Ron Dukes was quick to realize that determination and his ability to persevere would be at the forefront of his success. Being the eldest of two children and the second of 28 grandchildren, Ron immediately developed a strong relationship, sense of dedication and allegiance to his family. Over the years, Ron became a leader and role model throughout his community and family alike; a trait that is easily recognized in his personal and professional success today. By the end of 2004, Ron attained not only a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Relations and a diploma in Communications, but also facilitated and co-founded several after school and community-based programs such as the VIBE project. Yet, despite Ron’s increasing ambition and subsequent achievements, Ron found himself yearning for more.

By Day...

In 2005, Ron moved to Toronto to expand on his career as a Family and Child Worker.  Over the past 8 years, Ron has worked with a diverse group of high-risk youth between the ages of 6 and 12 and works tirelessly to construct and implement effective strategies for dealing with kids. Day after day, Ron utilizes his education and skills by assessing parent-child interactions within their social environments and helping parents learn techniques for dealing with their kids.  Further, Ron continuously helps kids build strong relationships within their communities and strives to create innovative approaches for youth suffering from social and systematic adversity.

By Night...

Dukes as he’s referred to by most, began his passion for event promotion in 1995 with the success of his first event presented in conjunction with Vanier College. Since that time, he went on to join Montreal's pioneers of promotion – the X-Men. With Dukes, the X-Men went on to produce some of the most successful urban parties in Montreal such as ‘FrikShun’. Dukes' success in promotion continued as he went on to help establish the well-known Concordia Culture Weekend; an event which aims to unite students from various ethnic backgrounds throughout Canada and the United States. To this day, Dukes remains an active participant in this successful event. Ultimately, Dukes’ love for promotion streamlined with the start up of his Caribbean-based promotional company, 2GetherAs1 Entertainment.  Since its inception in 2002, and with Dukes at the forefront of the 2GetherAs1 family, this successful business puts on a multiplicity events which aspire to reinforce the 2GetherAs1 mandate – 'Many Islands, One People'.

The End?...

Since venturing to Toronto, Dukes has introduced a variety of fresh ideas to the Canadian soca scene, such as his original concepts 'Red Alert', 'J’ouvert In June' and 'Borderline Breakfast Boatride’. He has also worked with well-known personalities such as Dr. Jay, D'Bandit, Pantrin Vybez, Barrie Hype, Problem Child and Kerwin DuBois, to name a few. When asked why he, and 2GetherAs1 have been successful in this already congested industry, Dukes said, “My success in the past stems from my hard work and dedication. I keep high standards for my work and I am known for my ability to follow through”. Ron Dukes is what some may describe as an emergent figure in the Canadian soca scene today.  Expect to see more of this man and his innovative concepts in the years to come. To be continued... Written by K. Ryan


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