November 7, 2013
The 2GetherAs1 Family is a collective of individuals and groups with extensive experience in a variety of industries. Our vision is to strengthen the capacity of the 2GetherAs1 resource network and respective clients. To achieve success as a core philosophy we treat our growing unity as a family. Our family consists of hair stylists’, designers, artists and DJs/MCs for whom we help further each other's respective endeavors. Please allow us to welcome you as well as your personal and professional networks to join the 2GetherAs1 family. Mr. Ron Dukes Traxxtraxx

Twenty years in the promotion game, Everiste Blaize strives to change the way events are thought up and delivered. As the Co-founder of 2GetherAs1 Entertainment,  Everiste has continued to look after its interests in Montreal since its inception in 2002. Known as Traxx to most, he has used his skills as a business owner and well known figure in the community to head up the Carifiesta (Montreal Carnival) committee for the last 6 years. He has been instrumental in reviving and restructuring the carnival as its President. Traxx has a desire to restore as well as re-brand the carnival back to the days when it was one of the biggest in North America.

Traxx is also a house hold name in the hair industry, giving his experties to clients featured on tv show like "Marion Nous" and "Ras tv."


EML: traxx_75@hotmail.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com/everiste.blaize INSTAGRAM: @thetraxx TWITTER: @thetraxx   Mz. Tikkimztikki Akila Matthews aka Mz Tikki, joined the 2GetherAs1 family in 2007. She has become an integral part of the daily operations of the team. Her hard work, dedication and attention to detail has helped 2GetherAs1 propel to new heights. In a market dominated by men, Mz Tikki has become the biggest female promoter in the Toronto Soca scene. Her creativity has allowed her to have a heavy hand in producing concepts such as Jouvert in June, Body and Borderline Breakfast BoatRide. Mz Tikki is currently working on being able to service your travel needs. Look out for Beyond Borders Travel, "We can take you anywhere."


EML: mztikki1085@gmail.com INSTAGRAM: @MzTikki13 TWITTER: @MzTikki   E.G.IIErrol Father, brother, and loyal friend would be a few words to describe Errol Grant II.  A little over a year ago, Errol picked up some clippers and a star was born. A master of his craft,  Errol has been keeping the Tdot fresh at one of city's most well known barber shops, Cut Creator.

With servicing individuals in his blood, Errol joined Team Sweetness, one of Toronto's biggest promotional groups in 2007.  Since leaving that team, he has gone on to help promote some of Toronto's largest events such as Remember De Bachannal, Bliss and Royalty In The Sky.  In 2010, Mr Ron Dukes approached Errol to join him on an idea to 'Paint the Tdot RED. ' At that point, Red Alert was born. This event has become very popular over the last couple years and known to many as the after party for Canada Day festivities.


EML: igottix@gmail.com INSTAGRAM: @Errol_GrantII TWITTER: @Errol_GrantII BBM: 73FC4628   Ms. TeaTasha Tasha Thomas (Ms. Tea) is an event and entertainment manager, visual artist and designer.  With 15 years of solid project and event management experience, she has worked within the corporate and not-for-profit sector, raising funds and awareness for many organizations such as the Muhtadi International Drumming Festival, Bell Canada, Planet Africa Awards and Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.  Tasha's creative direction and business savvy plays a crucial part in the execution of her events and continues to aid in her advancement within the arts and entertainment industry.


EML: ttforlife@gmail.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com/mstealikesit INSTAGRAM: @mstealikesit TWITTER: @mstealikesit White Winewhitewine Greg Smith aka "White Wine" is a newcomer to the 2GetherAs1 family. As an artist, host and representative for Winery Entertainment he has grown organically with Mr. Ron Dukes and the 2getheras1 team since 2012. Providing a unique skill set of graphic design, video editing, and music studio production he has become an integral part of the marketing machine that helps expand the 2GetherAs1 brand and message. Don't forget to check out the entertainment portal for more info: wineryent.com


EML: whitewinemusic@gmail.com FACEBOOK: facebook.com/whitewinemusic YOUTUBE: youtube.com/wineryent INSTAGRAM: @whitewinemusic TWITTER: @whitewinemusic BBM: 73FC4628   LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: 2GetherAs1 Family

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